Für Flächen bis 1200 m².
Einfaches Handling, einfache Installation.
Betrieben mit 28 V Samsung Lithium-Akku.
Mit App-Steuerung.
Mit Mehrzonen-Funktion.

Mowox RM 1200 Li BT

RM 1200 Li BT Comfort Serie: Mähroboter mit 28V Lithium-Ionen Akku, bis zu 1200m² Rasengröße, App-Steuerung, Mehrzonen-Funktion
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Product information "Mowox RM 1200 Li BT"


Strength, autonomy and easy connectivity brought together in a robusthousing using ASA plastic for improved weather resistance & UV protection.
Now nothing is stopping your customer from having the best garden in the neighbourhood without breaking a sweat.
Mowox robot mowers are designed to keep a garden fresh and clean without any hassle.

  • Sound level only 66 dB(A)
  • Progressive cutting height adjustment 20 - 60 mm
  • Cutting method = random chaotic with boundary wire
  • 2nd & 3rd area function for hard-to-reach areas of your lawn
  • Cutting system with three pivoting blades, reversible for extended lifetime
  • Blade protection guard with integrated grass comb
  • Aware of its surroundings:
    • Rain sensor
    • Lift/ tilt / obstacles / reverse sensors
  • Garden size 1200 m² 
  • Cutting width = 180 mm
  • 35% (20°) climbing angle thanks to the twin high torque brushless drive motors


  • Easy to reach safety STOP button
  • Easy software update directly from the app, or via USB stick
  • Anti-theft protection with PIN
  • Illuminated LCD display with large keyboard for easy programming and connection to BluetoothPowerful 28 V battery 3.0 Ah with lithium cells


The ideal partner for all garden owners who appreciate a perfect looking lawn all times. Thanks to innovative technology and programming, Mowox robots maintain even large gardens quietly and free of emissions.
  • Smartphone connectivity up to 30 m distance using Bluetooth
  • Full control from your fingertips with the Mowox® App
Product series: Comfort
For lawns up to approx. (M²): 1200
Mower housing: Kunststoff
Cutting width in cm: 18
Battery system (voltage): 28V Max Lithium
Battery advantages: Emissionsfrei, Geräuscharm, Pflegeleicht
Battery performance in (Wh): 28V / 3.0 Ah (84Wh)
Type of battery cells: Lithium-Ionen, Samsung, 21700
Scope of delivery battery (model): Mowox® BA 113
Scope of delivery of charger (model): Ja, 1,8 Ah Ladegerät/Ladestation (BC 129/BC 130)
Included: 200 Meter Begrenzungskabel, 270 Heringe
Mulching: Ja
Cutting height adjustment: zentral, 20-60 mm, stufenlos
Carry handle: Ja
Mows fully automatically: Ja
Installed in no time: Ja
Cutting method: mit Begrenzungskabel, zufällig
Cutting system: 3 rotierende Klingen, drehbar für doppelte Lebensdauer
Mowing result: Mäht streifenfrei und gleichmäßig
Cut protection system: Eingreifschutz, Hindernissensor, Lagesensor
Wireless connection: Bluetooth, App
Suggested daily mowing time: 7 Stunden
Mowing time settings: 1 Zeitfenster pro Wochentag
Keyboard: Einfache Menüführung, Intuitive Programmführung
Illuminated LCD display: Ja
Automatic charging: Ja
Anti-theft protection: mit PIN, lauter Signalton bei unauthorisiertem Wegtragen
Software update connections: per App oder USB Stick
Slope performance: 35% (20°), 17% (10°) seitlich und am Begrenzungskabel
Sensors: Regen, Umkippen, Anheben, Hindernis
Sound level: 66 dB(A)
App available for: Android, iOS
Warranty: 24 Monate Herstellergarantie
Extended warranty: Gratis, Garantieverlängerung bis zu 48 Monate (Online-Registrierung)
Spare parts availability: 10 Jahre
Product net weight in kg: 9,6
Certifications: CE
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