Single battery 40V 2.5 AH
XL wheels
Samsung Li-Ion cells

MOWOX EM 3840 P-Li

EM 3840 P-Li Comfort series, hand-push battery lawn mower, 1 x 40V/2.5 Ah, 38 cm, 40L grass bag
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Product information "MOWOX EM 3840 P-Li"

The Mowox Lawn Lawn Mower has been specially developed for the European lawn and uses the strengths and benefits of the latest generation of lithium-ion battery technology. Our model EM3840 P-Li from our Comfort series brings you maximum mobility without the hassle of cables and is at the same time much more environmentally friendly than conventional petrol lawn mowers.

Mowox builds its own 40V batteries with Samsung's high-performance power cells, with the resulting units providing fast charging times and long run times with no memory effect or spontaneous discharge. This model is equipped with a 2.5 Ah cell and a charger, which recharges the battery in about 150 minutes completely.

The Mowox EM 3840 P-LI lawn mower is a hand drive with a narrow working width of 38cm; A combination that makes it very manoeuvrable. The LED indicator on the spar informs you at any time about the current level of the battery.
With its cutting width of 38 cm, the EM 3840 P-Li is suitable for lawns of up to 350 m2. The bag has a capacity of 40 liters and is equipped with a level indicator which shows you how full the basket is already.
Due to the central cutting height adjustment, you can adjust a cutting height of 25 mm to 75 mm in 5 stages. The battery mower also has XL wheels for easier handling.

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